TScan - Inventory Management Software

Use the QR code and Barcode scanner to instantly pull an item up.

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TLog - Time Tracking Management Software

Our cloud-based mobile time clock system uses the latest mobile and GPS technology to automate time tracking in an easy to use way that both your field and office staff will love.

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TamTam - Customer Feedback App

We help you consistently deliver great customer experiences by gathering NPS & customer comments via our engaging touchscreens & sending you the insights that matter.

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QAQC Auditor - Inspection Management Software

Standardize audits across your operations with consistent data capture for property conditions, quality standards and staff performance.

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OSHA Safety Regulations - Reference App

This app covers OSHA legislation for Business and General Industry (1910), Construction (1926), Recordkeeping (1904), Agriculture (1928), Maritime (1915, 1917, 1918)

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DevPeople - Job Search for Developers

You describe your work experience and what you're looking for in a job and let companies send you their offers. Only you decide who and when to open contacts.

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